blessed. In love with @IBGDRGN. In relationship with @syamfachrizal.

Listening to Disco 2000 by Pulp

inget masi muda.. haha – Preview it on Path.

Scene One - If Im James You’re Audrey Hepburn from Sleeping With Sirens (Covered by Sheila Azhar

Demons - Imagine Dragons (Short Cover)

So Sick - Ne Yo (Covered by Sheila Azhar

Listening to Fuck You by Lily Allen

fuck you, very very muchh😘💃 at Abbys Performance Tuning - Cornering Indonesia – Preview it on Path.

Glenn Fredly - Akhir Cerita Cinta ( Covered by Sheila Azhar)

At Jun Njan 永源海鲜酒家

At Jun Njan 永源海鲜酒家 – See on Path.

At Seblak 40

Ngegaul dl – at Seblak 40 with Syam – See on Path.

Listening to Let’s Talk About Love (feat. G-Dragon & TaeYang) by SeungRi

Im sorry biatch! at XI IPS 3 SMAN 19 Bandung – Preview it on Path.

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